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The NASA Nanotube Group invites you to participate in the upcoming workshop entitled, "SWNT Growth Mechanisms" 


The great potential of single-wall carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) is limited by our inability to produce large quantities. The development of a reliable source of large quantities of SWNTs depends on better production methods. However, the growth mechanisms of single-wall carbon nanotubes are not well understood. This has limited the development of production of methods to produce large quantities of SWNTs, including thelaser ablation/oven technique, the arc vaporization process, and chemical reaction methods such as the high-pressure carbon monoxide disproportionation (HiPco) and combustion techniques. NASA/JSC and Rice University are organizing a workshop to address the scientific issues and knowledge of growth mechanisms that could lead to improved production methods and the ability to produce SWNTs of particular types. The workshop is intended to bring together the world's experts in the field of nanotube growth to present their latest understanding, based on experiments, theory, and modeling. Currently, no one has sufficient understanding of the growth mechanisms to be able to translate this into better production methods. It is hoped that through this scientific exchange and publication of a workshop proceedings, knowledge will be synthesized and give researchers and developers the insight necessary to develop efficient and commercially viable SWNT production methods.

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