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Below are some links to documents and other websites that you may find useful.

These links are updated periodically. In order to be sure that you have the latest version of the NSTS documents, use the Payload Integration Library System (PILS). For ISS Documents, use the Electronic Database Management System (EDMS).

MSWG Documents

MSVP Template
MSVR Template
Fault Tolerance Worksheet
DFMR Requirements Compliance Matrix (Excel)
DFMR Requirements Compliance Document (Word)
Threaded Interface DFMR Flowchart
Functional Verification Matrix

NSTS Requirements Documents

NSTS 1700.7B Safety Policy and Requirements for Payloads Using the STS
NSTS 1700.7B ISS Addendum Safety Policy Requirements for Payloads Using the International Space Station
NSTS/ISS 13830 Payload Safety Review and Data Submittal Requirements, Revision C
NSTS 08307 Criteria for Preloaded Bolts
NSTS 14046 Payload Verification Requirements, Revision E
NSTS/ISS 18798 Interpretations of NSTS/ISS Payload Safety Requirements, Revision B
MA2-00-057 Mechanical Systems Safety
TA-93-037 Structural Integrity Following Mechanism Failures

ISS Requirements Documents

SSP 50021 ISS Safety Requirements Document
SSP 50021 DCN 001
SSP 50021 DCN 002
SSP 30599 Revision A Safety Review Process
SSP 30559 Revision D ISS Structural Design and Verification Requirements
SSP 41172 Revision U Qualification and Acceptance Environmental Test Requirements
SSP 30558 Revision C Fracture Control Requirements for Space Station

Miscellaneous Documents

NASA-STD-5017 Design and Development Requirements for Mechanisms
JSC 27301D Materials Control Plan for JSC Flight Hardware
MIL-A-83577B General Specification for Moving Mechanical Assemblies for Space and Launch Vehicles

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Responsible NASA Official: Deborah Graham
Last Update: 5/22/2017